The wait-for utility polls a URL periodically until it gets a successful response.

wait-for ([-q|--quiet] | [-v|--verbose]) [-s|--sleep SECONDS]
         [-t|--timeout SECONDS] URL
wait-for (-h | --help | --version)

Specifies the URL to poll. The following schemes are supported:

http, https Fail for non-200 family status codes
postgresql Fail unless connecting psycopg2 to the URL succeeds.
tcp Fail unless connecting a TCP socket succeeds.
-s <seconds>, --sleep <seconds>

Sleep for the specified number of seconds between hitting the URL.

-t <seconds>, --timeout <seconds>

Timeout and exit unsuccessfully if a successful response is not received within timeout seconds.

-v, --verbose

Write diagnostics to standard output. Without this flag, the utility is quite silent.

-q, --quiet

Only show output when an error occurs.

-h, --help

Display a usage synopsis and exit with a failure status.


Display the package version and exit with a failure status.